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  • The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning at The Bridge

    Join us for a cup of tea, a cake and a little charitable giving on the WORLDS BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING

    On Friday 28th September from 10am until lunchtime we’re opening up the doors at our development, The Bridge, Haworth to raise money for Macmillan Cancer.

    For those of you that don’t need to be in the office we’d love to see you at the development and bring your family….because everyone is welcome. We’ll be selling tea, coffee and cakes, with all of the proceeds going to Macmillan.

    What’s more, we’ll be matching what we raise on the day to ensure even more money goes to the charity.

    Our Directors, Sarah and Caroline, and some of the rest of our family team will be there on the day. Please join us…

  • How to improve your credit score

    ….and why you should – brought to you by

    Why is your credit score important?

    Simply put, your credit score is a system used by lenders to help decide whether or not you will qualify for different forms of credit like loans, credit cards and mortgages.

    Lenders will look at your credit score to work out what kind of borrower you are and how risky it would be to lend to you. They will then use this information to base their decision of whether or not to lend to you and how much.

    There are three main credit reference agencies in the UK; Experian, Equifax and Callcredit. You can request to see your credit report at any time – some agencies may charge you a small fee to do so, alternatively there are free websites you can sign up to like Noddle and Clearscore who will give you a high level view of your credit report for free. You may find your score differs according to which website you use. This is because you don’t have one universal score – different agencies score you differently based on different behaviours.

    What does having a good credit score mean?

    Having a good credit score often means you’ll have more options when it comes to choosing which financial product you want and it can be more likely you’ll be accepted for the desirable and competitive products too. Importantly it will also affect the interest rate lenders offer you – you’ll find you’re more likely to be offered lower interest rates on your borrowing if you have a good credit score.

    Every lender uses a different set of criteria for lending credit, so if you don’t get accepted by one lender it won’t mean a different lender won’t accept you for a similar product.

    Even if you have a perfect credit score you aren’t guaranteed to be accepted for every product on the market – it just depends what sort of behaviours the lender favours to make a decision. For example, some lenders don’t like to lend to people with a perfect credit score because they view them as unprofitable (i.e. they always repay before the lender gets the chance to charge interest).

    What does your credit report reveal about you?

    Your credit report will show lenders lots of different information about you including:

    • Your credit score.

    • Any credit accounts you currently hold like credit cards, loans and mortgages and the combined credit limit – so the total amount of credit you currently have access to.

    • How much you currently owe on all your credit accounts.

    • Any repayments you’ve missed or that were late in the past 5-7 years.

    • Any applications you’ve made to borrow money that you weren’t accepted for.

    • Your previous and current addresses.

    • Your previous credit applications (soft searches like eligibility searches aren’t visible to lenders).

    • Any debt problems from the last 5-7 years like county court judgments and bankruptcies.

    • Whether or not you are on the electoral roll.

    • Your mobile phone accounts and your payment behaviour.

    • Your utility bill repayment behaviour.

      What affects your credit score:

    • Late or missed payments of your credit cards, loans and mortgages.

    • Late or missed payments to your gas and electricity providers.

    • Late or missed payments to your mobile phone contractor.

    • Whether or not you are on the electoral roll.

    • Missing or incorrect information.

    • Having the most up to date address details for you.

    • Having too much credit available to you.

    • Not having enough previous borrowing behaviour on your credit report might mean lenders are cautious about lending to you because they can’t tell what sort of borrower you are.

    How to improve your credit score:

    There are lots of different factors that affect your credit score and it may take a few months to improve it.

    You can start by:

    • Use soft search before applying: Use an eligibility checker wherever possible to check your chances of acceptance before applying, doing this increases your chances of applying only for the products you know you’ll be accepted for and won’t.

    • Building up your credit history. If you’ve never borrowed any money before there is no way for lenders to know the type of borrower you are, so there is a chance you may get rejected. If this happens it isn’t the end of the world and you still have options. Credit building credit cards could help you to build a credit profile and become more likely to get accepted as long as you always settle your balance on time.

    • Repay on time: Always paying your loans, mortgage and credit cards on time will paint a positive picture of how you handle credit and can prove to lenders that you are a safe bet to lend to.

    • Stick to your limits: Try not to go over your credit card or overdraft limits because this will show up on your credit report and cause your score to drop.

    • Keep up to date: Make sure your current address is up to date and it matches on all of your accounts.

    • Remove old partners: Make sure you’re no longer financially linked with anyone you used to live with, this will link your credit files and could affect your score negatively if they don’t manage money as well you.

    • Avoid too many applications: Every time you apply for credit the application will  show on your credit report, which could work against you.

    • Register to vote: Being on the electoral register helps your lender to check your identity.

    • Check your credit: Close any old accounts that you no longer use – having access to unnecessary credit could affect whether lenders would be willing to lend to you – having access credit may put them off.

    • Pay your bills on time: Paying things like your credit card, mortgage, loans, utility bill and mobile phone bills on time may help your credit score – missing payments can negatively affect your score.

    What to do when you get your credit report

    It’s worth checking your credit report on a monthly basis to make sure the information the agencies have on you is correct and up to date. If you notice any errors on your file, contact the credit reference agency and ask them to amend the mistakes as these could affect your ability to get credit.
    If you notice any applications for credit that you didn’t make, this could indicate you have been a victim of fraud –  it’s important you report this to your bank straight away.

    How long does it take to improve your credit score?

    Unfortunately there is no quick fix for a poor credit score. The length of time negative behaviour will stay on your credit record depends on what they were. Bankruptcies could stay on your report for up to 10 years and late payments for as long as 7 years.

    We hope you have found this blog from useful! if you’d like to talk to us about buying a new home please call us at one of our developments or call in during opening hours.

  • Why we love Haworth

    Walk along the cobbled streets of Haworth and you’ll instantly fall in love with its old world charm…

    We did just that which is why we bought the site behind Bridge House Mills and planned to develop 2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes and 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, which we began building last year. Here are a few reasons why we love Haworth…..

    Haworth Station

    A lot of work goes into maintaining the station, the locomotives and the line. Steam fans flock here. The route runs along our development and is a lovely sight to see when the trains are running.

    The high street

    The aforementioned cobbled streets are lined with unique shops and cafes, which make Haworth the thriving village it is. There’s also a small co-operative supermarket for smaller food shops.

    Haworth Park

    The park is a heritage grade II listed park and is overseen by Friends of Haworth Park who take great care of the park and can be enjoyed by all the community, especially on these warm summer days.

    Haworth Cinema

    Miserable weather? No problem. Take a stroll to Haworth Baptist Church where they play films every Friday. You can take a look at their Facebook page for listings here.

    Haworth 1940s weekend

    We have long supported the weekend, helping the organisation raise money for charity by lending our site for the parking of cars. This year we’re afraid we won’t be able to do this as it wouldn’t be fair on our homeowners but we are still fans of the 1940s weekend. The event welcomes thousands of people to Haworth every year. There is a real sense of community at this event; it’s not to be missed! For more information click here. It’s held this year on the 19th and 20th May.

    The Parsonage

    Last but not least, the parsonage. If you’re a fan of the Brontes we’d recommend you take a trip around the former home of the Bronte sisters. When the Brontes lived in Haworth it was a crowded, smelly, industrial town. The death rate at that time was as high as Londons! To find out more about the museum please click here.


  • The Bridge: The Show Home

    Love our Show Home? Emma from Eye Candy Interior Design explains her process…

    The Bridge is the latest development from Skipton Properties and is situated in the heart of Bronte country, a picturesque setting at the bottom of a hill in Haworth, hidden behind a grade II listed building that is soon to be restored to its former glory.

    With this in mind, we wanted to create a Show Home that mixed old & new, timeless design that appeals to all. A feature of The Bridge is the stunning double height aspect in the main living area, as you walk in it feels very spacious, open and bright and we wanted to make sure our design reflected this.

    We created a soft neutral palette throughout using an assortment of Farrow & Ball paint colours. The key to designing a neutral scheme is to introduce lots of different textures so it doesn’t look ‘flat’. We used linen fabrics for the sofas & curtains, deep pile rugs, soft feather cushions, wool throws and velvet for the bed in the master bedroom. We mixed this with Karndean wood effect flooring and a few key pieces of metal furniture to give an Industrial edge to the design (a nod to the site’s industrial history). These elements work together to create a beautiful light, airy , contemporary show home.

    We always like to keep the paint colours to a soft, neutral palette so the backdrop to the rooms don’t fight for attention with anything else in the room, rather they complement the furniture we put in and the specification Skipton Properties install. We want to make the rooms feel light and airy but we always need to make sure the colours we use are soft , warm tones. Greys and whites are still very popular and work very well in a contemporary scheme but our key piece of advice is avoid whites with a blue undertone as it is very easy to end up with a cold looking room. One of our favourite, warmer colours to use is ‘Cornforth White’ from Farrow & Ball. It is a very versatile neutral colour that goes with everything.

    Recreate the look…

    We list where we found some of the furniture in the Show Home so that you recreate the look yourself….

    Coffee table – Novocastrian

    Sofa and Chair – handmade by my upholsterer. If you would like to enquire about this service you can email me here.

    Media Unit – Dwell

    Rug – Cox & Cox

    Dining table – Made

    Dining chairs – Only Home

    Bedside Tables – Made

    This blog post was written by Emma from Eye Candy Interiors. If you’d like to get in touch you can reach her here.

  • The complete moving package


    We’ve teamed up with the Mortgage Advice Bureau to help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.

    Why choose a mortgage advisor? There is a small fee of £350, but there are many benefits to using an advisor to apply for your mortgage. Most importantly, they can provide the assurance you need on the mortgage process to make sure you don’t waste any time or money in reserving a plot you won’t be able to finance. This is particularly helpful for those of you using Help to Buy or buying a starter home.

    A few benefits in detail:

    • Cost planner for movers and first time buyers
    • They save you time and effort by searching 1000s of mortgages at the touch of a button
    • They offer expert mortgage advice with access to over 11,000 products and 90 lenders
    • They offer a Manning Stainton Mortgage Promise worth up to £500 if your purchase falls through
    • They offer protection advice to meet your individual needs and circumstances
    • They have salaried advisors – not commission only
    • They offer flexible appointment times
    • They complete all paperwork including those for Help to Buy
    • They ensure you hit your 28 day contract deadline

    The Mortgage Advice Bureau have their own administration centre based within Manning Stainton, which is manned from 9am to 8pm with friendly, helpful staff. The administration team will work to ensure you receive your mortgage offer as quickly as possible, which can only be good news for you!

    Interested in one of our homes? Get in touch with Jo Murgatroyd to discuss your mortgage. Jo can be reached by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0113 252 2290.

  • The Property Market in 2018

    Shocking and mostly negative headlines sell newspapers, which is why we’re inundated with bad news. To correct that trend, we thought we’d share some of the insight we have received from several sources over the past few months to shed some light on what is going on in the economy and what that might mean for the housing market:

    There is plenty of optimism surrounding the global economy. The Eurozone’s surprise recovery in 2017 has created confidence for the year ahead, even the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) signed off the year with a more optimistic outlook. In fact, the IMF think economic growth in the Eurozone will reach 2.2% this year, its best performance in a decade and in contrast to their forecast for growth in the UK of 1.5%. Meanwhile, the economies in France, Germany and Spain are starting to pick up pace.

    With Brexit weighing on the UK, many forecasters believe there will be slow or falling growth in the South. There is a more positive outlook for the North West, North East and Scotland however, which they believe will be the star performers this year, with growth predicted to be around 1.5%. Savills have predicted a 17.2 per cent rise in prices in these regions over the next 5 years. A rate that is double what has been predicted for London. Properties around Manchester will see larger rises, with a predicted 18 per cent rise in the next five years. More modest forecasts for the region predict rises of 13.6%.

    So is it a time to buy? We think so. Especially if you are a first time buyer who is able to take advantage of a stamp duty free home. Talk to us today and get your foot on the property ladder. For Haworth, email [email protected] or call 01535 288009 Thursday – Monday 10am – 5pm. For Fence and Glusburn, email [email protected] or call 01282 506860 Thursday – Monday 11am – 5pm.

    Sources: Hamptons International, Savills and JLL.

  • Saving Tips for First Time Buyers

    Fed up of renting? Would you like to get your foot on the property ladder? Saving for a deposit for a new home can be daunting but there are plenty of ways you can start to save.

    We’d recommend you talk to the Mortgage Advice Bureau to determine you affordability and how much you need to save. They are experts in the new home mortgage market and can help you understand how much you will need to buy your first home. To do this please contact Jo Murgatroyd by emailing [email protected] or calling 0113 2522290.

    Secondly, if you are hoping to use Help to Buy, a scheme that runs until 2020, you can benefit from a Help to Buy Isa. For every £200 saved the government will give you £50, up to the value of £12,000. Save £12,000 and you could benefit from £3,000 tax free.

    Taking advantage of government schemes such as Help to Buy or the Starter Home scheme could get you onto the ladder faster. With Help to Buy you only need a 5% deposit. Buy a new two bedroom home in Haworth and you only need to find £7747.50 for your deposit. Alternatively, Starter homes allow you to own your home at a 20% discount, which significantly reduces the deposit you need to find.

    Another option would be to stop renting and move in with family whilst you save. We see this as short term pain for long term gain! If that doesn’t interest you, how about moving in with a friend whilst you save? If you are a single person or a couple, renting a friend’s room would create significant cost savings which could go straight into your savings account. Tied into your rental contract and have a spare room? Speak to your landlord about subletting.

    A rather novel idea would be to sign up to be a property guardian. Property guardians effectively babysit properties and pay minimal rent whilst doing so. Living this way could help boost your savings so you can buy your new home much more quickly. We even found one locally in Haworth for only £62.50 a week!

    Nothing is more important than setting a budget and in today’s technology driven world it’s never been easier to set one. Gone are the days where you have to sit down with a spreadsheet and go through every line on your bank statement. There are now tools that can do that for you. Saving has never been easier!

    Already have your deposit saved? Talk to us today to see if we have a new home for you! For Haworth, you can email [email protected] or call 01535 288009 Thursday – Monday 10am – 5pm. For Fence and Glusburn, you can email [email protected] or call 01282 506860 Thursday – Monday 11am – 5pm.





  • Is 2018 the time to buy?

    Buying a new home is a big decision for anyone to make. January, 2018 is the perfect time to make it.

    There are many factors to consider, not least your finances. We look at what is happening in the property market in the UK to make your decision that little bit easier…

    Interest rates will stay low

    Another 0.25% rise is expected late Spring, however this will add an extra £22 to a typical £175,000 tracker mortgage. Mortgages will remain cheap. Looking for a mortgage? We recommend you speak to the Mortgage Advice Bureau to discuss your ability to buy your new home and to access a wide variety of mortgage products on offer.

    Housebuilding will rise

    New home building has picked up and will continue to do so this year, which means that pressure on prices will reduce.

    Stamp duty cuts

    Last year we saw the abolition of stamp duty for first time buyers on homes up to £300,000 which will help more first time buyers get onto the property ladder. The move is expected to save 80% of first time buyers up to £5,000, which will make the decision to move an easier one.

    Less competition from buy-to-let investors 

    Increasing taxes on landlords and difficulties in obtaining mortgages for this type of buyer means slowing buy-to-ket activity, which can only be good for those of you wanting to buy your next home.

    Help to Buy

    The government backed scheme won’t last forever. It is due to run until 2020. Many of our homeowners have benefitted from Help to Buy, which is available at all of our developments.

    We have new homes in Fence, Lancashire, Skipton, North Yorkshire and  Haworth, Glusburn and Shipley West Yorkshire this year. Will 2018 be a new start in a new home for you?

  • UK Property Market Facts

    We’ve received some fresh data from Rightmove this morning. For those of you that don’t know, Rightmove dominates the market in housing listings and thus has great insight into market trends. We found it quite an interesting read and thought you might find a few of the facts interesting too:

    • The average rent in the UK is £180 higher than the average monthly mortgage payment
    • The fastest moving property in the rental sector is a 3 or 4 bedroom home
    • Those searching for new build homes on Rightmove has jumped by 80% in a year – we love to hear this news!
    • 81% of Help to Buy sales are first time buyers, that’s 90,274 of them!

    The first point is quite interesting for us, the data is of course national but Rightmove have told us that they have seen a significant uplift in those renting looking to buy all across Yorkshire and Lancashire. The third point is also quite encouraging; we have always thought our homes are the perfect compromise between old and new. The detailing in our homes is there to create homes with character so that we may change our clients minds about new homes. Thinking of buying? Search the homes we have available here.

  • Work-Life Balance


    We all know how delicate the balance of work and home life is, especially when working full time in a demanding job. Local business, Deluxe Blooms,  invites Sarah, our Operations Director, to take over the blog in the first of a series of guest blogs. Sarah talks about her experience of juggling both sides of her life since having her two children. We hope it’s an inspiration to fellow working mothers… and dads out there!

    To read the story click here (you will be directed to the Deluxe Blooms website).

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