tree planting 2024
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Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Partnering with the trust to make a greener future

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is a small charity doing big things for People, Landscape and Wildlife in the Yorkshire Dales. We’ve partnered with them for 2024 to help support their endeavours and plant more trees all across the Dales.

tree planting 2024
An aerial view of the Alders August 2023
tree planting 2024
tree planting 2024
tree planting 2024

About the Charity

Planting trees is one of the best ways we can protect the health of our planet for future generations. And it’s very close to the hearts of the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. The woodlands in the Dales define our landscape, provide irreplaceable habitats for wildlife, and offer peaceful places for people to connect with nature.

25 years ago, the trust joined forces with other organisations to expand tree cover across the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. Since then, they’ve supported the planting of over 1.5 million native broadleaf trees.

They’re not alone in their campaign to bring native woodlands back to the Dales. They work with partners (just like us!), landowners, and rely on donations and support from many thousands of people who share their love of trees.

Tree planting at the Alders Skipton in North Yorkshire with staff and residents
Tree planting at The Alders, Skipton

Why do we need more trees in the Dales?

Planting trees is absolutely critical to help tackle climate change and nature loss. And it’s even more important in the Yorkshire Dales where woodland cover is just over 4% – compared to the national average of about 9%. Diseases, poor management, and our increasing disconnection with nature all place a significant threat on the valuable woodlands we have left.

As a member of the Dales Woodland Forum, their vision for 2040 is that:

Trees and woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales will contribute significantly to a carbon net zero National Park, enable habitat connectivity, improve water quality and reduce flooding, in a way that enhances the landscape and special qualities of the area, provide health and amenity benefits to people, and be economic for landowners.

In order to fulfill this vision, woodlands will need to expand in size and number and become increasingly connected as well as being resilient and sustainably managed.

Their aim is to create 6,000 hectares of woodland habitat in the Yorkshire Dales National Park by 2040. That would take the area of the National Park covered by woodland, which is currently the smallest of any of England’s National Parks, from 4.3% to 7%.

tree planting 2024

We’re really grateful to Skipton Properties for their support in helping to restore native woodland to the Yorkshire Dales. Trees are vital to so many aspects of life. As well as providing habitats for wildlife, reducing flooding and helping to combat climate change, we know that trees help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a healthier lifestyle. We are really pleased to have the support of Skipton Properties and look forward to working together in the year ahead.”

David Sharrod, CEO

We are a patron of The Principle Trust Children’s Charity:

Our ‘Community Grants’ is changing. We are a patron of The Principle Trust Children’s Charity so we can make a big difference to underprivileged children in the region.

About the Charity

Established in 2011 by Mike Davies, MBE, the charity serves families throughout Yorkshire, providing free respite holidays to children who are underprivileged, disadvantaged, disabled, have life-limiting conditions, or who have experienced poverty, trauma or abuse.

Their aim is to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of children and provide some relief from the poverty, crime, disability, and any other disadvantage they may be enduring. Between 2011 and 2021, The Trust provided free holidays to 4100 children. The Trust owns and operates six holiday homes, 2 in the Lake District, 3 near Blackpool and one in Ribble Valley.

Sarah Barraclough, our Managing Director, said “We are excited be joining the Principle Trust as patrons. Our family-first ethos is reflected in everything we do; from the design of our homes to our responsibilities to our employees. Our commitment to the Trust will help them to provide free respite holidays to dozens more families every year”

100% of every £1 raised

Goes straight to the development of the charity

200 FREE holidays

For underprivileged, disadvantaged, and disabled children per annum

Over 4100 children

Have received free holidays within their six holiday homes

“We are delighted that Skipton Properties has joined The Trust as a patron; they are a family firm with traditional values which align closely with our own ethos of supporting families. This partnership will form a significant part of our plans to expand services across the region”.

Mike Davies, MBE

Why is there a need for what they offer?

As well as disadvantage due to poverty across the UK there are 1.2 million disabled children. Families with disabled children face extra costs, on average £581 per month and in almost a quarter of families with disabled children their extra costs can amount to more than £1000 a month. These extra costs will undoubtedly exacerbate circumstances for those families that may already be in poverty and unable to afford day to day living, never mind a holiday.

As a children’s charity they work with several referring partners, including teachers, children’s hospices, special needs schools, social services and other local authorities across Yorkshire.

What differentiates them from other small charities?

At The Principle Trust 100% of every £1 raised goes straight to the development of the charity and is not used for administration or wages. Their 2 full time and 1 part time staff salaries are paid for by a separate company who they share an office with. They can therefore safely say that every penny they raise foes towards providing disadvantaged and disabled children (and their families or carers) a free respite holiday at one of our holiday homes.

How do they address the need?

The Trust currently own 6 holiday homes, 3 of which have been adapted specifically with disabled children in mind, one at Ribblesdale Park, Gisburn and the other 2 at White Cross Bay, Windermere. Their other 3 homes are caravans at the fun filled Haven Marton Mere site, near Blackpool. Each child that is referred to them and is eligible receives a FREE week at one of their holiday homes, along with their siblings, parents or carers.

No other charity in Yorkshire provides 200 FREE holidays for underprivileged, disadvantaged, and disabled children per annum. What the charity offers is truly unique!

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