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Reserving your new home

Before making a reservation the first thing we ask our future homeowners to do is get financially qualified. You can either do this via our partner, The Mortgage Advice Bureau or bring evidence of financial qualification with you to your appointment to reserve.

At Skipton Properties there are two types of reservation: Standard and Early Bird. For Early Bird reservations, the legal process doesn’t start until we convert your reservation to a Standard one.

The legal process will be explained to you at your appointment but we’ve detailed the process here for you so you are prepared and know what to expect.

Our Standard reservations currently carry a six-week exchange (on reservations from Aug 22). If you have made an Early Bird reservation we will advise when you need to start the legal process and when the exchange period will commence.

If your home is under construction, your reservation form will show an indicative season or month of completion. You will be given a clearer indication of your completion date as we draw closer to its completion. Please note the date we give on your reservation form is indicative and is subject to change. We will update you throughout the build and notify you of any changes that may be required.

Please note across all standard reservations you are expected to exchange within the 6 week period. On the rare occasion that we have given you an incentive to get you moving, you will lose this if you do not exchange and complete within the timeline given.

We’ll go through all the contract information with you at your appointment, check whether you’re happy for us to apply for searches on your behalf (it’s usually much smoother when we do this) and will discuss additional information such as management fees (if applicable).

Once you have reserved your new home, we’ll pass all of your reservation details to our solicitor who will in turn confirm everything with yours (it would be good but isn’t essential if you know your solicitor when you reserve).

You have the option to choose from our panel of solicitors who have been selected for their efficiency, their competitive rates, their understanding of our developments and the process of buying new build homes. Not all lawyers have experience in this and it is important you choose a lawyer that does.

If you are applying for a mortgage it is essential that you do this straight away. If you are using our recommended financial advisor they will be able to help you.

Any delays in applying for your mortgage may delay your survey, which in turn could mean that you don’t meet your exchange date.

Please ensure funds are confirmed with your solicitor and that you factor in the 10% deposit (or 5%, if you are using the Help to Buy scheme) payable on legal exchange! This must be transferred to your solicitor in advance.

Your Sales Advisor will be in touch regularly to share information on the progress of your home and to see how you are doing in respect of the legal process. They’ll also invite you to development at the key stages of your build:

  • For your selection appointment (during phase 4 of build)
  • When your home is plastered
  • When your kitchen and tiling is installed

We kindly ask that you make an appointment to view your home so that your Sales Advisor can be there to answer any questions and ensure your journey around your home and the development is a safe one.

The nitty gritty

Your home is covered by a 10 year Insurance policy, usually by the LABC. Information on this will be provided to you at your reservation appointment.

We are a responsible builder and as such comply to the Consumer Code for Home Builders which protects you when buying a new home

The code was introduced to protect new home buyers and enforce best practice, ensuring that you are treated fairly throughout the sales process, are given reliable information about your purchase, have a high level of service throughout and have access to an independent dispute resolution scheme.

The Consumer Code for Home Builders applies to buyers who, on or after 1st April 2010, reserve to buy a new or newly converted home built by a home builder under the insurance protection of one of the supporting Home Warranty Bodies (in our case – the LABC).

Working in partnership with Holden Smith

Not decided on your lawyer yet? Holden Smith know everything there is to know about buying new homes. Jessica Mckenzie, Conveyancing Executive, talks a little bit about their services in this short video.