A new way to find our developments: what3words

The what3words location for St. Stephen’s Place in Skipton is: though.begun.roof


what3words is a really simple way to talk about location, and we’ve recently started using it to offer visitors a more accurate way of navigating to our developments. Here’s how this clever bit of tech works!

Each 3m square in the world has been assigned a unique and unchanging three word reference by what3words, enabling easy and accurate navigation to wherever you want to go. It’s particularly useful in locations where many, if not all, of the homes share the same postcode – The Sycamores, our development in the tiny village of Coniston Cold, is a good example – and people also use it for things like finding friends’ tents at festivals. You can use what3words here, but the easiest way to use it is via the app – download it here. Happy navigating!


The what3words location for The Sycamores in Coniston Cold is: ranking.noticing.blissful




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