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It’s been our mission since the day we were founded to create new build homes that are different….re-imagined. It’s a pleasure to receive a review that illustrates this.

Our latest customer review comes from a new home-owner at Victoria Fold, Sabden…

‘I was ‘anti’ new-build, but my partner loved the low hassle of buying somewhere finished and warrantied. What swung it for me was the location and the charm of the stonework and stone boundary walls, as well as the lovely reclaimed slate roof. These details really ground the house in its setting and turn the development into an asset for the village. Also the house makes good use of the space – we loved that both of the double bedrooms were identical decent sizes and not strange shapes. We loved there wasn’t an en-suite hogging precious room from the bedrooms in our small home. We also really liked the open plan layout and reasonable sized garden which can be hard to find on a period terraced property. We are both precious about parking so the garage and parking space was the final tickbox that allowed us to go ahead. Also, Skipton Properties has a decent reputation locally after the development at Kearns Village, so the quality of that previous development helped give us some comfort buying on a building site!

My dad is a site manager for a construction company and visited our home for the first time yesterday. He was impressed with things I hadn’t thought about, such as the finish on the woodwork, and the mortar mix you’d chosen for the stonework. It’s nice to know professionals can notice the difference between a ‘standard’ new build and a Skipton new build’

If you live in one of our homes, even if you didn’t buy it directly from us, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us how you use your home, what we could improve or email us simply to let us know you like living there 馃檪 Please send an email to [email protected] with your thoughts.

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