Valentines at Elsey Croft

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Reserve a new home at Elsey Croft in February and have a meal on us at the Michelin-starred restaurant,The Box Tree in Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Not everyone likes celebrating Valentines Day on the day. We don't know about you but there is sometimes a little too much pressure on for it to be properly enjoyed.

So... for ALL reservations made in February, once you're in your new home we'll send you and your partner, or just a friend if you wish, to the Box Tree in Ilkley for a dinner for two, on a date of your choice, for a belated Valentines Day celebration.

The Box Tree

What's included?
A gourrmand menu for two with a glass of champagne on arrival and wine during the meal that will be specifically chosen to complement each dish. What better way to celebrate your loved one, but also your new home?

Why the Box Tree?
It's been a favourite of the family that founded and runs Skipton Properties so we wanted to share it with you (or arrange for you to go again if you've been before!). We realise its not in Skipton, but it certainly has a place in our heart and is only a short drive away from Elsey Croft.

Speak to our Sales Advisors, Melanie or Pam for further information when you reserve your new home at Elsey Croft.
Talk to us, we're open daily, 10am - 5pm.
You can reach us on 01756 630517 or via email:

Terms and Conditions apply.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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