To everyone with a dog

IMG_4443 copyWe sometimes like to tell you something other than rave about our homes (we’re sorry if we go on but we do rather like them and I suppose that’s why you like us!)… so today we’d like to tell you a story about the family dog, Storm (pictured below).

Storm was diagnosed with bladder cancer about 6 months ago, she was given months not years to live. She’s been with us 12 years. Determined not to give up on our dog we searched for natural aids to help her fight the cancer. As luck would have it, a company called Millie’s Wolfheart moved into the offices across the road from us. Millie’s offers a complete food free of grains for working dogs (your dog doesn’t need to be a working dog to eat the food of course!)

You might think a gluten free diet is a bit of a fad, especially for a dog, and so did we at first, but when you have a little think about it, dogs never did eat grains. We put Storm on their Hunter Mix ever since she was diagnosed. This mix is 80% fish and meat and 20% veggies, everything is natural, not an additive in sight! In addition to this we put her on a doggie multivitamin – this might seem extravagant but we were willing to try anything!

The vets gave Storm a scan 6 months after the first and low and behold, her tumour hasn’t grown. The vets were surprised. We were, and continue to be, over the moon.

We won’t say the food and the vitamins are a miracle cure, and this post isn’t a ploy to try and get you to buy anything. We were just so excited by the results we wanted to share just in case any of you may be in a similar situation, desperate to try something to help your furry friend.

You can find more about Millie’s and why a dog should eat a gluten free diet in the links below.

Thanks for listening….

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