Tips on buying your Christmas Tree

Spreading CheerIt’s the 1st December, it’s almost Christmas!

We thought, since a lot of our customers will be thinking about buying a tree right about now, a blog post featuring tips on what to look for might come in handy!

Yorkshire Life gives a great list of places to buy your tree here but what should you look for? What tree is the best for you?

We’ve trawled the internet and come up with a few tips:

Wanting to put your tree up now? Then look for a Nordman Fir – they will cost you a little more, but the needles won’t drop.

Putting your tree up a week before Christmas? Then you’ll be ok with a Norway spruce. They should last about 12 days.

When picking a tree, pick it up and drop it on its stump to see how many needles drop. If more than a few drop, it’s not been freshly cut.

Don’t have the time to go out and get a tree yourself? You can order one from the Forestry Commission here. Unfortunately though, they only offer spruce trees for online sales.

Find a good tree stand that can hold some water and make sure you top it up daily.

Stand the tree in the coolest part of the room, away from radiators and fires.

Prefer to go fake? The Telegraph features some of the best here.

Finally, decorating your Christmas tree can be daunting, but our favourite from House Beautiful’s Christmas Tree Picks is the simplest. It’s called Spreading Cheer and is our featured image above. You’ll just need to make sure you find the right tree!

Good luck!

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