Telegraph & Argus – No. 1 SME

Today we’re in the Telegraph and Argus in their supplement on SMEs. We topped the list of 50 firms assessed by chartered accountants, BHP.

We’re extremely pleased to be at the top of the table. It’s thanks to Brian, Sarah and Caroline, our staff, our architects, our consultants and of course, to all our homeowners who believe in us.

Growth hasn’t been our goal, it merely comes hand in hand with building homes that our clients want. We do what we do because we love doing it. We build homes that are traditional whilst using modern, quality materials. We build homes that we can be proud of.

Big thanks go out to all our team who we are extremely thankful for.

New to our website and would like to get to know us? You can find out a bit more about us here and search our homes by clicking here, We are building across Yorkshire and Lancashire and hopefully we have, or soon will have, the home for you.


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