Stamp Duty Paid this weekend in Skipton

Stamp Duty paid on reservations this weekend

We’d like to get you moved in for Christmas so you can host the family in your lovely new home.

To help out we are offering to pay your stamp duty.

Where is it available?

You’ll be able to take advantage of this on the following homes:

The Hughes: a four bedroom home in Skipton, North Yorkshire

Stamp Duty Paid: £10,497

The Eames: a four bedroom home in Skipton, North Yorkshire

Stamp Duty Paid: £14,497

The details…

Stamp Duty figures are correct for first time buyers or those of you selling your home to move. Stamp duty calculations will be higher for those of you buying as a second home or buy to let (we will not be responsible for increased stamp duty payments in these circumstances)


We ask that you reserve this weekend so you can move in before Christmas. Lastly, we inform you that the offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer such as part exchange.

Offers like these only come once a year…. what are you waiting for!

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