Save £2,200 on your energy bills when buying new

Calling all future homeowners! If you’re dreaming of a cosy nest while also saving big on energy bills, we’ve got fantastic news for you. Across the UK, smart new build homebuyers are putting pounds back into their pockets, tallying an incredible £400 million in annual energy bill savings. But that’s not all – when you choose one of our new homes, you’re not just investing in your future comfort, you’re joining a movement that’s reducing carbon emissions by a whopping 500,000 tonnes!

Let’s talk numbers, shall we? Recent data from the Housing Builders Federation’s (HBF) “Watt a Save” campaign reveals that you could be putting away an impressive £180 each month – that’s £2,200 a year – simply by living in a new build home. Imagine what you could do with that extra cash!

But wait, there’s more! Your decision to go for a new build home doesn’t need to be simply about numbers – you could be making a real impact. These homes aren’t just places to live; they’re eco-friendly havens that emit only a third of the carbon compared to traditional homes. Picture it: each new house takes a stand against carbon emissions, saving a remarkable 2.8 tonnes of carbon every single year.

So, if you’re ready to embrace a brighter future and watch your savings soar, a new build home could be your perfect match. Join us in shaping tomorrow, one energy-efficient home at a time!

Source: HBF Watt a Save Report

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