Rationel Windows at Kearns Village

At Kearns Village we have mixed contemporary touches with traditional elevations to create unique homes. One of the products we have sourced to create the industrial look at Kearns Village is Rationel Windows.

We have used Rationel Auraplus windows at the development which the company have historically installed on modern elevations. However, we wanted to push the boundaries and feel the design of the Auraplus provides a slim, elegant architectural expression that perfectly complements the traditional natural stone.

Why Rationel Auraplus windows?

Aside from the design elements, their windows have many benefits. They are well insulated and let more solar heat in during Winter than they let out, resulting in lower heating bills.

Made from solid FSC certified timber with external aluminium cladding to ensure minimal maintenance they are built to last and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Rationel Windows are just one of the quality products we have used to construct our new homes at Kearns Village. Find out more today.


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