A vision becomes a reality at Kearns Village

The glorious weather we’ve been experiencing is certainly a welcome change up in the Rossendale Valley. We made the most of it yesterday by photographing Kearns Village. We’re absolutely delighted with what we have created, especially in light of the difficulty we have encountered in making our dreams a reality. The development hasn’t been an easy build; we’ve had poor weather, local opposition and a council that weren’t as supportive as we had hoped. In today’s news post I’d like to share two of our Manager’s views on their experience at Kearns Village so that you can start to understand the level of pride we are feeling today….

Alan is one of our longest serving members of staff. He is currently a Site Manager at Spring Mills in Fence and has been with the company over twenty years:

‘From the first stages of the development, building the original offices and Show Home (now occupied), Kearns Village was always going to be one of the most testing sites Skipton Properties have done. We were up against an anti-building campaign, a local authority that wasn’t forthcoming and the harsh winter elements. The pictures are a magnificent reflection of what Skipton Properties are capable of. From design to fruition, what we have achieved is truly amazing.’

Roger is king of groundworks, what he doesn’t know about this subject isn’t worth knowing! He’s also one of our longest serving members of staff and works closely with our Managing Director at the early stages of each of our developments:

‘Kearns Village was a very difficult site to develop. From a ground works perspective, working on a clay bank hill side when it’s raining every day (for the last 7 months) certainly questions your mind and your ability, but when you see the development in its full glory, it’s a credit to the company. I’m not sure many others could or would have gone as far in the design and quality we have constructed here.’

Of course, our homes wouldn’t be worth building if it wasn’t for our customers. Each and every one of our homes in the first phase at Kearns Village has or will have a family moving into it. The feedback we have received from them has been heartwarming; it certainly makes it all worth it. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff again. Without you, we couldn’t have done it!

Written by Caroline Verity, Creative Director

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