Our first community grant: Haworth RDA

A few months ago we announced that we would be donating £1,000 each month to support worthy causes in areas where we build homes….

We’re delighted to announce the first beneficiary: Haworth Riding For The Disabled Group (Haworth RDA).

Haworth RDA helps to improve the health and well-being of people living with disabilities by providing them with horse riding and stable management lessons, after school clubs, holiday clubs, lunch clubs, social events and outings.

The money from will be put towards funding the salary of a coach who can teach more children on the charity’s mechanical horse simulator, Penny.

Many of the charity’s disabled riders have no experience of horses and can be overwhelmed by them. Some are too heavy to be supported on a real horse, and some disabled riders aspire to compete nationally and need to learn and practice skills at a speed that does not allow side walkers. For these riders, Haworth RDA’s mechanical horse simulator ‘Penny’ is crucial.  Penny is currently used by 12 disabled people, but increasing the working hours of the coach will allow an additional 16 disabled people to use her.

Jane Lawrence, Fundraiser at Haworth RDA, added: “We’re delighted that Skipton Properties has donated this money. It will help us to help 16 more local disabled people.

“Horse riding builds core strength, improves balance and coordination, makes a person more flexible and increases motor skills. Many of our participants also feel isolated because of their disability and struggle to find recreational and social outlets that understand their needs. Riding the mechanical horse and becoming involved in RDA activities addresses these issues and allows our riders to become part of a community where they can build new skills and gain confidence.”

Like to find more about the charity’s work? Please click here.

Like our help?

We encourage all charities in the areas of our developments to apply. Please do so via the form on our charity page which will be accessed here. Applications will be considered on a monthly basis. We’re afraid due to the number of applications we are receiving we aren’t able to respond to each of you individually. We also ask that anyone applying do so via the form on the charity page. We aren’t accepting applications via our email address.

Please be patient with us! We review all of the applications in one go at the end of each month. if you have applied already and weren’t successful this time, your application will roll over into the next month.

Thank you for your time in submitting your applications and good luck!

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