New Years Resolutions for your home

blank list of resolutions on blackboardWe all like to make new years resolutions, but we don’t always keep them.

Be a little bit nicer to yourself and set them for your home instead. Here’s a couple of suggestions from the Skipton Properties’ team:

Curb your energy use – even if you don’t live in a new home there are certain things you can do to reduce your energy use like switch all your energy bulbs to low efficiency ones. They are more expensive but the cost will come off your electricity bills! Try and resist setting your dishwasher unless it’s absolutely full and invest in an external washing line to hang out your clothes when its dry rather than using your dryer (we ask our new homeowners to limit drying clothes inside due to condensation) Lastly, and an easy one, always turn off the lights when you’re not in the room!

Clean out your clutter – everyone puts this off until the Spring – hence the term ‘Spring Clean’ but we think you’ll feel a lot better about your home if you spend January doing this instead. Do it room by room and no cheating, and donate to charity where possible. If you’re moving home soon, there is even more reason to do this now!

Frame your children’s art – if you have children, instead of doing the usual and attaching their works of art to the fridge, get them framed and hang them properly on the wall. You’ll find your kitchen looks much tidier and your keepsakes will be kept safe.

Entertain at home more – eating out is expensive. One of our new years resolutions is to entertain at home more. All our homes are designed with the kitchen at the heart of the home and are perfect are at home entertaining!

We wish you all a great 2015!

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