Know your appliances: AEG

At Spring Mills in Fence we are installing AEG appliances into every home, whether a two bed cottage or a four bedroom detached home. We chose AEG for their sleek German design and their technical capability. In today’s news post we’d like to talk about what appliances we install into our homes and why.

The oven: We install AEG’s electric oven, that comes with a SteamBake function that adds steam to the start of the cooking process to keep your food moist. It’s the perfect oven for baking bread as it keeps your bread soft inside and allows for a beautiful crust to form on the outside. Their ThermicAir system allows for even heat distribution that reaches every corner. For the clean freaks out there, your job just got easier, with this oven you can easily detach the glass for more efficient cleaning.

The hob: We install AEG’s gas hobs in our homes at Spring Mills. The flames are easily adjustable and quickly heat up your food. In our largest two homes we’re installing a contemporary gas hob which has been designed with flush fittings for easy cleaning.

The extractor: The key things we want to see in our extractors is minimal noise and powerful extraction, the AEG extractors we fit have both of these features. They have super quiet breeze technology. They’re also energy efficient so you won’t be worrying about your energy bills whilst using it.

The fridge (where you keep all the goodies!): AEG’s fridge/freezer has a CoolMatic function that brings your food down to the right temperature quickly. Keeping your food fresh.

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