Granite Kitchens

Cambourne Granite KitchenAre you considering a granite kitchen in your home?

Below we have listed some benefits of the product so you can make a considered decision.

  • Remember granite is a natural product; its appearance is not uniform. This should be taken into account when choosing from a sample. Granite is not perfectly designed – it is taken straight from the earth
  • All granite needs to be sealed before it is used. We do this for you when we install it. However to keep your granite in pristine condition our suppliers recommend you seal it every year or so. It is a porous material and although stain resistant when sealed if the seal isn’t in tact, your granite could stain. Don’t worry – sealing granite is easy. It’s a lot like waxing your car.
  • Use a specialised granite cleaner every once in a while. It leaves behind a protective film that adds to the yearly seal. At all other times we’d recommend using a mild soap to clean your granite
  • Granite is expensive but it should add value to your home if you want to move on
  • One of the biggest benefits of granite is that it can be cut into any shape you’d like. If you’d like an island, we’d recommend you use a hard surface worktop so that the edges are smooth
  • Granite is very durable and strong
  • If your granite chips it can be easily repaired by a professional
  • Granite worktops are heat resistant which means you don’t need to worry when putting hot pans down
  • Granite worktops are timeless. They are a perfectly complement your kitchen cabinetry and can be used with modern or traditional designs
  • Granite doesn’t harbour bacteria
  • Your granite will not wear away or change colour over time

Where can you upgrade to granite?

We offer granite as an extra at Falcon Park in Settle. Please talk to our Sales Advisor to discuss upgrade costs. The cost of your laminate that is included in the standard specification will be deducted from the final cost to you. You can reach our Sales Advisor by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01535 280309.

Granite will be included as standard in our three homes at The Lees, Cullingworth. If you’d like more details on these homes then please get in touch with Steven at Dacres by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01274 560396.

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