Energy Ratings – what’s our record?

Some of you may have read the latest news article stating that national house-builders cheat energy tests in order to achieve their pass ratings; for those of you that have access to The Times online, you can read the article by clicking this link. For those of you that do not, we thought we’d talk about the issue here.

The article talks about how many of the national house builders cheat their energy certificates by adding quick fixes to their build before their homeowners move in.  The example they provide: ‘Insiders say that bodging is rife. Paul Buckingham, who used to check new homes for airtightness, an element of the EPC calculation, said if a house fell short, he often had to wait while builders sealed gaps. He then had to re-run tests until the home passed — only for carpet fitters to cut all the sealant out. “You’re bodging it for the test.”

We can’t comment on other builder’s specification/build quality however we can shout about our own record. At Skipton Properties excellence  is one of our values (you can read more about our values here) and as such quality is of upmost importance to us, which is why we take great care in sourcing every product we use to build our homes. We use natural products and build above and beyond current building regulations wherever possible.

Out of each 100 homes we build, we achieve an immediate pass on 99 of them. When we fall short, due to an error in a product or a building practice, we rectify it immediately, learn from the issue and improve our product. As such our homes are constantly evolving and is why we coined the phrase: New Homes. Re-imagined.

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