Energy efficiency; why buying a period home may be a headache

High energy bills, damp, draughts…just a few of the things you may struggle with in a period home. New homes are built to modern standards and significantly reduce your energy bills, often cutting your monthly bills in half*. Double glazed windows, modern central heating, insulation and efficient appliances all reduce your energy bills, which are a worry for many households.

At Skipton Properties we build traditionally styled new homes. We build them using quality materials so that they stand the test of time and always try to go one step further which is why our specifications often include much more than you may see elsewhere. Our developments have their own unique style and we certainly don’t build boxes. Viewing our new homes, we hope, will change your perception of what it is like to buy new.  To read more about our approach click here.

As prices rise energy efficiency is becoming a concern for many households. Upgrading your period home to modern standards could cost you around £45,000. That figure might seem high so let’s break it down. Guttering and new insulation could cost you around £9,000, new central heating approx £4,000, a new kitchen £7,000, double glazed windows and doors £6,000, re-wiring £3,000. Add into that mix new flooring, decorating and a new bathroom, it soon adds up.

The greatest thing about a new home is that you don’t have to worry about any of these things and you can efficiently run your home to save you money. It’s also a totally blank canvas; we paint all our interiors white, so that you can put your mark on it a few months after you move in (your house needs to breathe a bit before repainting).

Visit one of our new homes at Spring Mills in Fence, Lancashire or Harwal Waterside in Silsden, West Yorkshire this weekend. We’re open Thursday – Monday 10am – 5pm.

Data taken from Zero Carbon Hub and HBF.

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