Celebrating 2 years as Site Manager

A skilled site manager combines technical expertise, outstanding communication abilities, and problem-solving prowess. At Skipton Properties, we are dedicated to exceeding these standards, delivering unmatched quality and expert craftsmanship for our valued homeowners.

We’re approaching this work anniversary with a unique twist, and now, we’ll hand the mic over to John himself!

I’ve had the privilege of serving as the Site Manager at Skipton Properties for a solid two years. Over this period, I’ve played a significant role in several projects, with Ebor Mills marking my initial venture. We constructed new homes at Ebor Mills and masterfully transformed the existing Warehouse and Spinning Mill. It was a true labour of passion, but the final outcome justified all the sweat and toil. What’s more, I’m thrilled to share that we’ve recently earned an LABC award for said development, an achievement I take immense pride in! You can read more on that here.

I was asked, what’s the driving force behind my continued presence here? It’s the incredible team I’m fortunate to work with. I’ve just transitioned to The Alders in Skipton, where we’re in the midst of building 77 new residences. Commencing work on a project already in progress can be a bit challenging, but I genuinely can’t wait to dive in and contribute!

If you were to inquire about my aspirations for the next two years, I’d hope to find myself right here, doing what I’m passionate about, overseeing the development process and witnessing the creation of our magnificent homes.

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