Caring for Karndean

Karndean Flooring

We install Karndean flooring in the majority of our Show Homes because its easy to maintain. Scratch a Karndean board and it can easily be lifted and replaced. Damage wood flooring and it either needs to be sanded or replaced with much more difficulty. Karndean is cheaper too and is very close to the real thing!

If you have Karndean flooring caring for it is very easy. Karndean recommend you use their cleaners but there are other brands out there. Make sure you hoover up dirt and grit regularly so it doesn’t damage your floor and add a welcome matt to your home to reduce the chance of bringing dirt and chemicals from the outside. When cleaning your floor with a mop, make sure you don’t drench your floor – the water will impact on the glue bond that holds your Karndean down.

Treat as you would a wood floor, avoid sliding or dragging your furniture! We recommend you buy some protector pads to put on the legs of heavy furniture, especially on things such as chairs which you move about regularly.

For stubborn stains you can spot clean with Karndean cleaner or similar, but be sure to wash off all residue.

A lifetime guarantee

Your Karndean has a lifetime guarantee which should give you peace of mind when you purchase!

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