The benefits of underfloor heating

We have been installing underfloor heating for quite a few years now. We like it for many reasons:

  • Underfloor heating gives our customers design freedom. It’s harder than you may think to plan for radiators in the living area of a home. Furniture placement is very much a personal choice and we might end up putting a radiator in a place that is not right for you (however if caught early enough we can often move them on request). Underfloor heating allows total design freedom so the space can be adapted to suit your needs without restriction.
  • Energy experts recommend underfloor heating as it is efficient. It operates at a lower overall temperature than your traditional radiator and therefore requires a lower temperature rise from the boiler. A lower temperature is required due to even coverage throughout the floor.
  • Compared to traditional radiators, it is virtually silent.
  • Finally, evenly spread heating (radiant heat) means toasty toes when walking on tiled or wood floors!

Find underfloor heating in the main living floor on all our homes at Kearns Village, Cowpe and in our larger homes at Elsey Croft, Skipton.

Convection vs radiant heat

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