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It’s not often we build apartments but when we do, we do what we always do and create a design that goes that little bit further. Our apartments at Harwal Waterside in Silden, West Yorkshire are built out of natural regular coursed stone and feature large, high quality, aluminium windows. Inside we’ve installed large glass entry doors to give you the feeling of luxury as soon as you step into the building. Each apartment has high ceilings which further enhance the natural light.. Kitchens are as modern or traditional as you’d like to make them and bathrooms are spacious. The design aside, what are the benefits of apartment living?

  • Security – living in an apartment building, especially for those buying on the upper floors, gives added security. If you’re a lover of travel this is added peace of mind when you are away.
  • Garden – not everyone loves a garden. The hassle of maintaining one can sometimes be more of a burden than a joy.
  • Community – it is said that neighbours in apartment buildings are often more neighbourly than those living in houses so if you’re wanting community an apartment might be the right purchase for you.
  • Sustainability – apartments are on the whole more sustainable with lower utility bills. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.
  • Design – apartments, being smaller than a traditional home, are much easier to interior design. Buy one accent piece and you’ve made your whole room. It also means you are much more selection about what you buy and consider every inch. It’s also much easier to update the style of your home if you wish.
  • Clutter – those who own apartments tend to own less and thus clutter us kept to a minimum! You also spend less money on the things you don’t really need!
  • Family – smaller spaces bring people together!


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