A commitment to the community of Foulridge

Recently, we paid a visit to Croft Mill, our newest development, where we took the time to admire the beauty of the area in which we are building and engage with the local community. During our stroll around the development, we were thrilled to hear residents speak highly of our work and express their satisfaction with the transformation of the area so far.

One local resident, overflowing with joy, proudly proclaimed her delight at the removal of the old mill, making way for 17 new family homes. She even went as far as to say that she couldn’t imagine any other developer handling the project. The heartfelt appreciation from community members is a testament to the dedication and care we put into every development.

Another resident shared a heartwarming story about his daily routine with his son. Each day, they walk past Croft Mill, and the young boy’s excitement for the construction project and the diggers is unmatched. Dressed in his own hi-vis gear, the little one never fails to wave at the team, and to everyone’s delight, we always reciprocate. These small moments of connection exemplify our positive impact on the community’s spirit.

During our visit, we also took the opportunity to meet with the local councillor to discuss further ongoing initiatives to give back to the community of Foulridge. We reflected on our previous discussions about contributing to the blighted allotment area. With our sights set on the next steps, we have decided to donate £4000 towards much-needed improvements in the local park. The allocated funds will be utilised to enhance the park’s facilities, creating a safe and inviting environment for our new residents as well as those living in the surrounding area. Furthermore, the park’s convenient proximity to Croft Mill allows for easy accessibility, just a hop, skip, and jump away for everyone to enjoy!

At Skipton Properties, we don’t just build homes; we want to build communities that extend beyond the boundaries of our developments, and we’re committed to ensuring that our homes and their new families feel connected to where they live. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to work alongside the community and council to foster a stronger, more vibrant Foulridge.

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