A brand new website

Today, we launched a brand new website 🙂

Today, we launched our new website. It’s a project that has been a long time in the making. We scoured the internet, learnt from our competitors and tried to make the information on our homes as easily accessible and beautifully presented as we could. 

The focus of the new website is big and bold imagery so you can really get a feel for our homes from the comfort of your current one.  We have areas for construction progress and video content too so if you’re not on social media you’ll still be able to see all of the content we post there. It’s been built for desktop, mobile and tablet users alike so wherever you are you’ll be able to browse our homes.

A few of the features we’d like to SHOUT about….

The new homepage!

Site Plan

If our Sales Advisors had a pound for every time our customers queried what was sold and what was available, they’d have a very full jar! That’s why we have brand new site plans which show exactly which homes are available, which homes might be part of a future release and which homes are already sold, all at the click of a button (Please note there isn’t one on Parsons Meadow as there is only one home left!). The pinch and zoom feature doesn’t currently work on this technology but we hope it works well all the same!


We’ve streamlined our specifications. As with all our developments, there will always be variations to ensure our homes blend seamlessly into their locality. However inside, so we can make sure all of our specification is tried and tested, they in the most part remain consistent. So we thought it was time we gave you a flavour of our specifications before you even get to the development. You’ll be able to to read about our kitchens, bathrooms, elevations and more.

Interior Design

Love the Show Homes we create? Now you can easily request the selections we have used at your selection appointment as we’ve highlighted exactly what selections we have chosen on our new interior design boards. You’ll find these in our new bathroom and kitchens area within specification. (This will as always, be subject to availability).

Interior Design Inspiration

Images, Images and more images, and some video too!

We absolutely love our new galleries. They have space for images and video. Click into any image and you’ll also be able to see more details so you know exactly what we are showcasing. We’ve tried to create as much space for imagery as possible to showcase our homes in progress, finished kitchens and bathrooms and so much more. As mentioned earlier, there is a place for video too. They won’t always be professional and are often shot on our Marketing Manager, Vanessa’s iPhone, so you’ll be getting a real insiders look at our homes.

Past Developments

Want to know where we’ve made our mark? We’ve launched a brand new past developments page to enable you to see where we have built. We’ve often been asked this question so we’ve made it clear for you. We haven’t gone back to the day we were founded, but there is a good selection of our homes on there for you to see! 

Your journey

We want you to be as knowledgeable as you can be on the sales process and although we think our Sales Advisors are fabulous, we thought it would be helpful if we documented the process for you in black and white. You’ll be able to get a feel for our sales process from the day you walk into our developments to the day you get your keys in our new ‘Your journey’ pages.

The Sales Process

Customer Stories

It’s your experience that matters which is why we’d like to hear from more of you about your new homes. The first person we spoke to was Phil at Kearns Village in Cowpe, but we hope to speak to many more of you. If you’d like to be featured, please email [email protected].

Our new hashtag!

Another way to be featured is simply to tag #mysphome and follow us on instagram. We’d love to see inside your homes as they are evolving. 

There’s so much more to see on the website so why don’t you explore now. Click here to view our homepage.


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