tree planting 2024

Planting new life at The Alders

Our team, in collaboration with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, have been tirelessly working this morning to plant 200 trees at The Alders development in Skipton, with an additional 800 trees to be planted later this year. We were thrilled to also receive a helping hand from some of our wonderful residents who volunteered their time and energy to join us in this endeavour.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) is a charitable organisation dedicated to conserving and enhancing the natural beauty and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. With a mission to engage local communities and stakeholders in environmental conservation, YDMT undertakes a wide range of initiatives, including tree planting, habitat restoration, education programs, and sustainable land management projects.

We have partnered with YDMT as the tree-planting initiative perfectly aligns with our company’s mission statement, which emphasizes our dedication to nurturing thriving communities. At Skipton Properties, we believe that investing in the environment and collaborating with the community are essential steps toward creating sustainable and lively neighbourhoods. By planting trees and engaging residents in this green initiative, we are not only beautifying our surroundings but also contributing to the overall well-being of The Alders community. We are devoted to creating a neighbourhood where residents can live, work, and thrive in harmony with nature, and initiatives like this exemplify our ongoing commitment to that vision.

We extend our sincere thanks to Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust for their invaluable support, as well as to the residents of The Alders who happily helped out and our dedicated office staff. Your contributions to our tree-planting morning have been key in making it a success. Thank you for your collaboration and dedication to creating a greener, more vibrant community together.

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