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Consumer Code & LABC

We are a responsible builder and as such comply to the Consumer Code for Home Builders which protects you when buying a new home

The code was introduced to protect new home buyers and enforce best practice, ensuring that you are treated fairly throughout the sales process, are given reliable information about your purchase, have a high level of service throughout and have access to an independent dispute resolution scheme.

The Code covers a range of customer service requirements, including:

  • Effective customer service training
  • Clear and truthful advertising and marketing materials
  • Sufficient pre-purchase information to help you make an
  • informed decision about your purchase
  • Contract information including termination rights
  • Timing of construction, completion and handover
  • After-sales service
  • Complaints process

Your new home benefits from a 10 year new home warranty provided by the LABC. It gives your mortgage lender the confidence that your new home is built by a reputable builder and is a condition of your mortgage application.

LABC Warranty is different to your standard building and contents insurance, it provides a structural warranty that covers any possible defects with the build of your home within the first ten years.

Before completion we invite you to a pre-completion appointment so you can walk through your new home. The following guide from the LABC may be helpful to you when walking around your home. Please click here to download.

What to expect

The first two years

You will receive information on your LABC Warranty on reservation. Please read everything carefully so you understand what’s included. If you’d like further information you can call the LABC on 0845 054 0505 or speak to your Sales Advisor for further information.

On completion we will give you your LABC homeowners handbook however if you would like to read this before please click here.

During the first two years Skipton Properties’ is responsible for defects in the build. Faults should be reported directly to Head Office via email so that we have a record of your problem.

Years three to ten

After the first two years you must speak directly with the LABC to rectify any issues that may arise (please see policy documents for more information)

For further information on the LABC please click here to be directed to their website.

Please note on rare occasions, we may have to offer a different warranty. You will be advised at reservation if this is the case. The warranty will offer similar benefits as the LABC and is widely accepted by mortgage providers.

Working in partnership with Consult 44

At Skipton Properties we aim to deliver excellence, and in more than 30 years of building new homes we’ve built a reputation for high quality and customer service. This means that we have experience in resolving issues in the rare instance that something goes wrong.

For the first two years of your warranty it is our responsibility to correct certain issues with your home. We want to ensure you have the best possible experience when dealing with us and so, if for any reason we are unable resolve your problem directly, we have appointed an independent company who will be able to help.

Consult 44, a company with more than 25 years’ experience resolving claims and disputes, will initially conduct a desk top review of your issue to ascertain if a physical inspection is required.

They may require photographic evidence from you at this stage.

If required, Consult 44 will then request access to your home in order to carry out a survey. A report will be complied based on their findings, which they will endeavour to provide to Skipton Properties within 10 working days of the inspection. We will carry out any recommendations made by Consult 44 in the report, ensuring that a mutually- agreeable solution isreached and the issue is resolved satisfactorily. Consult 44 aims to conclude the resolution process within four weeks of first being notified of an issue.